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Like any good business I like to be transparent with my clients and so my written policy is available for you to peruse at anytime on this page! Before the start of any instruction a signed and dated copy of the G. Biagi Vocals Written Agreement must be returned to me either physically or by email. For those setting up a Ongoing or Set Duration Lesson sets tuition will be receive by an automatic payment set up with the instructor. For One Month Trial Lesson Sets, Cash, Check or Automatic Debit/Credit payments are available. Instruction is not possible without both items. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me! 

G. Biagi Vocals Written Agreement





Hi there and welcome to Private Voice Instruction! I'm excited that you've chosen to study voice with me! A hold may be placed on an appointment time for 1 week. Please sign, photocopy/scan and return/send this form to me with the first month's tuition in order to secure your time slot in the schedule prior to first day of instruction. Appointments will not be secured until both this form and the 1st month's tuition have been received. 

    * Tuition for private vocal instruction is a FLAT RATE of $136.00 per month. Addition sets of lessons are discounted by 15% for each set. 

    * Tuition for the current month is due the first of each month. Payments may only be made via automatic credit/debit transaction. Instruction is not possible without automatic billing. If tuition has not been paid the student will lose their place in the schedule. There are no late fees or grace periods.

    *One Month Trial Lesson sets are permitted to a one time debit/credit transaction and/or check or cash payments. One Month Tiral students with their start date on the 1st of the month must pay before instruction can begin. Payment must be made prior to instruction beginning. If the student comes to the first lesson without tuition the lesson will not take place and their place in the schedule will not be held.

    *A Primary and Secondary form of digital payment are required. Secondary form of payment is only to be used in the event that Primary form of payment is non functioning. If such a situation occurs, the instructor will use the Secondary form of payment and notify the client.  If both the Primary and Secondary form of payment are non functioning a $20.00 service charge shall be added to the cost of the tuition and lessons will be suspended.

    * Once students/clients have signed and returned  the Written Agreement they are then secured in the schedule and required to pay tuition regardless of the attendance.

    * Set Duration students are required to pay for the entire duration which they agreed to at signing of their written agreement regardless of their ability to attend. Automatic billing will conclude at the scheduled end date agreed to at the signing of their Written Agreement.

    * One Month Trial lesson sets are limited one per student. Students may pay debit/credit, cash or check prior to or on first day of instruction. If tuition is not available in those forms by the first day of instruction debit/credit payment will be required at first lesson before any instruction begins.

    * The student will receive four 30 minute lessons per month occurring once per week at the same time per month per the student's and instructor's availability. Lessons will be held at 150 Suite B South Orchard Avenue Vacaville, CA 95688.

    * Make-up lessons ARE available per the instructor's availability. They are NOT GUARANTEED as the instructor's schedule is sometimes unable to accommodate the desired make-up lesson. There are no make-up lessons for missed make-up lessons.

    * If a student wishes to discontinue Ongoing lessons a written letter of cancelation is required.     

    * If the notice of cancelation is received by the first lesson of the month no cancelation fee will apply to the student and instruction will conclude on the 4th lesson of the current month.

    * If the cancelation is received after the first lesson of the month then the student will be responsible for the following month's tuition and instruction will conclude on the 4th lesson of the following month  

    * Cancelation fees DO NOT apply to One Month Trial or Set Duration in which a beginning and end date have been predetermined both by the instructor and the student. The instructor will not be obligated to hold the student's appointment time in the schedule and may book additional clientele at will in these instances.

Student's Signature/Parent Signature if under 18 years of age.


I, _____________________________, understand and agree to the above terms and conditions for Private Vocal Instruction with Gianna Biagi on


Lesson Option:



One Month Trial _______     Set Duration _______     Ongoing _______


Start date:____________________        End date:___________________