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One Month Trial

Often times students and parents are not 100% sure that they are fully ready to commit to an Ongoing set of lessons. This option allows for the student and parent to test the waters and see if this is right for them! Students only commit to the one month and no cancelation fee is required. Spots in the cue are not held past official end date. See Written Agreement for details.

Set Duration

The Set Duration is similar to the One Month Trial. Where as your spot in the cue is not reserved past your official end date, the Set Duration allows for the student and parent to commit to a set beginning and  end date of lessons with no cancelation fee. This tends to be a great option for students with busy schedules and wanting to plan for vacations and holidays. This option also allows students more time to see their vocal progress with 2, 3 and 4 month options available. See Written Agreement for details.

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The Ongoing set of lessons is for the student looking to commit to vocal instruction long term! This option best allows the student to fully ingest the technique and musicianship needed to become a better singer. Your spot is also reserved ongoing in the cue. Cancelation fee required. See Written Agreement for details.




Once Upon A Time, Two Wedding Singers Had a Daughter...

Gianna in her first solo ever as Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid at Community Presbyterian Church circa 1990 singing the reprise of "Part Of Your World".

Gianna in her first solo ever as Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid at Community Presbyterian Church circa 1990 singing the reprise of "Part Of Your World".


Gianna Biagi,

 although singing since the time she could walk, never originally intended to become a vocal instructor. However, after several of her friends had bugged her vigorously to help them develop their voices she decided to give teaching a whirl. She discovered not only that she was good at teaching but she rather enjoyed it.

The daughter of musicians Randy and Teri Biagi and leaders of the bay area band The Tongue 'N' Chic Orchestra, Gianna grew up with a love of American pop music and accustomed to being on the stage. Having an uncle (Michael Biagi) who had worked with Broadway Legend Tommy Tune since the 1970's cultivated a love of musical theater as well. A Vacaville native, Gianna graduated from Will C. Wood High School as a Sylvan Singer for 2 years and went on to study voice with the late bay area renowned voice teacher and San Francisco Opera Member (18 seasons) Claudine Spidnt known for her instruction of rock 'n' roll singers. After Claudine's passing she went on to study with her teacher Giovanna DiTano Gaskell who sang alongside Claudine in the SF Opera for 12 seasons. She attended Diablo Valley College to study music from 2008-2012 studying music theory, composition and chamber choir with Professor Owen Lee and Professor Bret Peppo. 


When Randy and Teri decided she had earned her stripes and her skills were well developed, they brought her on board to sing with the Tongue 'N' Chic Orchestra playing for clients including John L. Sullivan of John L. Sullivan Chevrolet, actor Matthew Lillard and attorney Mario Rosati. Growing up in the east bay musician community she had the privilege of performing along side such musicians as the late Professor Steve Sage (DVC Rhythm and Blues Program), Carlos Reyes and Jeff Tamelier of Tower of Power. 

On a personal note, Gianna developed a hemangioma on her nose as an infant which disfigured her face and led to four reconstructive surgeries later (the last in 2004). Her experience in not only learning to feel comfortable in her own skin but acknowledging her internal worth have had a huge impact on her teaching career and her ability to connect with students on a personal level. She strives to help her students realize their full potential not only as singers but human beings.